Monday 14 September 2020

The Joy of the Enthusiasm of the Young

There were at least two excellent moments this weekend in which I witnessed youthful approbation. One involved a twelve year old revealing that he had finished reading The Eagle of the Ninth and had loved it. The other was the somewhat socially-distanced crowd that lingered outside the church after Mass yesterday. Once the priest drove off, I was the oldest person there, which means that everyone there was under 50.

There were two three main conversation groups: married couples and singles without children, married couples with children, and the children. Children clustered around the parents or ran around on the grass. The youngest teenager stood alone, not quite ready to join the singles-and-married-couples-without-children group. The oldest teenager present, however, was perfectly at ease in this milieu. 

It was a beautiful sight, and tangible evidence that at least a slice of the future has voted for Catholicism and the Traditional Latin Mass. 


  1. That is beautiful! I also get to see this after mass, and gratitude fills my thoughts because my family has a community of lovely people.
    In Need of a Pseudonym

    1. Wonderful! What I like is that there are conversation circes for young marrieds-with-children, and circles for young (or youngish) anyone without children. Of course the marrieds-with-children are wonderful and certainly very interesting, but naturally they gravitate to those living the same kind of life!