Saturday 26 September 2020

Joy of a Sunbeam

We are in Cambridge which, as I expected, is a little cold and damp. When the sun came out, I felt a thrill of joy. B.A and I were with our friend, who is a student here, outside a cafe on the new (1989) Quayside by the river,  and a sunbeam lit up the wall of the Las Iguanas restaurant across from us. 

So that is my moment of joy for the day, standing out amongst the general contentment from eating brunch,  visiting a college, going to a super bookshop, wandering through the Fitzwilliam Museum, having tea and cake on the Quayside, and later having a splendiferous Indian super near Jesus Green.  


  1. Hi, Seraphic, it's been awhile since I have kept up with your blogs, but I'm back! In my city in Australia, we are only allowed out of the house for two hours each day, and that is unlikely to change for another month, so I love to read about your journeys! I hope I can visit the UK again soon.

    1. Hello, Julia! Yes, I have heard about what has been going on in Australia, and I am terribly sorry.