Wednesday 3 June 2020

A Gentle Walk

Despite the madness across the ocean, and more madness down south in London, Benedict Ambrose and I had a tranquil walk through our humble but leafy neighbourhood.

Today I planted beets. I also wrote two articles and recommended to Twitter Sohrab Ahmari's essay about his Manhattan building being under siege. Sadly, I spelled "Ahmari" wrong. Mea culpa.

I told B.A. that I'm going to save all my earnings to pay off the mortgage and invest for our retirement. I'll buy nice clothes only for trips to Poland and for Polish Pretend Son's visits, so as to give the impression that I dress well all the time. B.A. said that this clothing plan was not normal. We then passed the locked, darkened beauty nail shop the hairdresser's, and I declared that I would go to them as soon as the lockdown is over, so as to give them money and help keep them open.

I think my clothing plan is brilliant, though. If I bought three very nice, very expensive, made-in-Britain outfits and wore them only in Poland (and when PPS visits), they will last forever and I will have a strong motivation to remain the same size. For daily wear, I will commission dark blue, ankle-length denim dirndls with big pockets from my mother. I think this is an awesome idea. Make me some denim dirndls, Aged P!

Aged P has already made me the face mask to match.

Another plan is to make our flat a small indoor paradise, so that I will be thoroughly happy with it by the time we are able to sell up and move toe the New Town. Of course, it is possible that we will never be able to move to the New Town, which makes turning the flat into an indoor paradise even more important. Covering over the rest of this ghastly magnolia paint would be a start.

Then of course there is the garden, which I will slowly turn into a Victory Garden of the richest soil to be found on this side of East Coast Organics.

My brain will be fully cultivated with Polish and Italian, French improved enough for one week a year in Quebec and maybe enough tourist Russian to make new friends in Toronto.

So those are my plans.

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