Wednesday 1 April 2020

Food Self-Sufficiency Improved

This morning I dug up more dandelions, photographed a worm, and then planted nine beans in cardboard tubes filled with compost. I am very excited by this. It took a pandemic, but I am properly gardening now.

My official news-writing hours are now 10 to 6, which means  I will be out in the garden earlier in the morning but off the computer earlier in the evening, too.

Yesterday my head was more together, thanks in part to coffee. My Lenten penance has been a tad eased there. B.A. and I went on a shorter government-mandated walk than usual and admired choice bits of local architecture.  We are certainly getting to know our nearest neighbourhood better than before.

I wonder if the aftermath of the pandemic will include a stronger sense of localism. People in my neighbourhood have begun to smile at strangers more, perhaps delighted to see human beings who are not members of their household. Certainly I will strive harder not to buy anything from the People's Republic of China. (My composter was advertised "Made in Europe". The eBay seller lied.) It's Made in Europe for me, whenever possible and whenever I cannot find Made in Britain.

At the same time, I am longing to see Poland again. I was hoping to go on the May long weekend, but this will probably be impossible. Even if Poland opens her borders and even if we are sure we are virus-free, there might not be an affordable flight.

A very long worm.
Today we must risk Tesco, as our supplies have dwindled. But in happy news, my mother has finished our masks, and she and my dad have popped them in the nearest postbox.

Now I must get back to work, but I may return to vent my thoughts on localism.

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