Wednesday 15 April 2020

Easter Week Treats

At a fraction of their Lenten price! 
I don't have much time to write before work this morning; I'll try to come back at lunchtime. Today I had an early session outdoors with the daisy grubber and planted some runner beans for the windowsill. The apple tree is beginning to show pink buds, but I'm concerned about the slow start for my radishes and lettuce. Stay tuned.

Yesterday I returned to work and spent the day on three articles. The one I worked hardest on, asking for comments, etc., was about a U.S. congressman who introduced a bill to stop American funding of the World Health Organisation. Unfortunately, the importance of this story was trumped by Trump, who cut off American funding of the World Health Organization before my story was published. 
The apple tree looks promising.

After work, Benedict Ambrose and I zipped off to Tesco to buy a few groceries, but more importantly compost. We found 40 litre packages, and B.A. carried one home in a big blue IKEA bag. This evening we will attempt to carry 3 or 4 between us, for we received a message from Amazon saying that our Veg Trug is coming tomorrow, not in May. We still won't have enough compost to fill it, so we will be making more Herculean trips. For some reason unknown to me, our local big-name hardware store doesn't deliver compost. 

When we returned from Tesco, I dug up a lot of dandelions and B.A. made an excellent fry-up for supper. We listened to Bach's entire "Wachet auf" cantata as we ate and slurped red wine and were in no hurry to get up from the table. Then we chatted with my parents over Skype. 

Now for some photos.  Here are two more from our Easter Monday walk: 

Note the interesting countryside graffiti.

And here is what the postie brought me yesterday:

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