Tuesday 14 April 2020

A Day Outdoors

This is what 50 dandelions look like.
This will be a post of photos because not much can be said about yesterday.

We watched Easter Monday Mass at Warrington. I counted the number of dandelions I pulled up--141--and I thinned out our lunchtime żurek with properly Polonized vegetable stock. B.A. made risotto with the leftover sauce from his Easter lamb dish. I ate most of the leftover mazurek and thought about the mazurek I will make for Pentecost.

The most interesting thing we did was go for a country walk from our front door. B.A. found new paths, and we saw new fields and new views. I'm sorry my photograph of the electronic highway sign, seen from a bridge, did not come out very well. It said "Easter Weekend. Stay Home. Do Not Travel" to all the travelling cars. Very amusing.

Although it was not a warm afternoon, it was sunny. By the way, lest the police be summoned, my day was "outdoors" also because of two lengthy sessions of dandelion grubbing. I'm on a particularly bad patch right now.

Without further ado, here are some lovely photos to bring the Scottish countryside into your quarantined life.
Candy-cane tulip.

A new path.
A loud hum from the bees.
More dream houses.
Train to Waverley.
Church on a hill
A leafy new path.
Grassy steps.
Barred from beauty spot!
If I ever learn to drive, my dream car.
Primrose bank.

I reflected to Benedict Ambrose that being able to travel exercise only as far as we can walk makes me appreciate our local countryside more than ever before. I also thought about how glad I am we live where we live, so close to a body of water but also to the countryside. I'd have to walk a very long time from my parents' home in Toronto to reach countryside nowadays.

At the same time, our walk reminded me of a marvellous bicycle ride I had with my now-cloistered Benedictine friend around her part of an apple-growing region southwest of Warsaw. I've never seen such beautiful countryside. I hope to go there again one day.

Update: Forgot to mention that we tried last summer's cider! I think it turned out very well. It certainly tastes apple-y. 

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  1. I had no idea Edinburgh was so close to lush countryside. It's really beautiful. How long does it take ye to walk to the those areas? You are very lucky. Sinéad.