Sunday 19 August 2018


Water, water everywhere...

Last night B.A. and I were congratulating each other on our first weekend as homeowners. We celebrated with pizza and wine. Afterwards we noticed that the hall carpet was a bit wet. The radiator didn't seem to be leaking, so we assumed the water had come from the food-scraps pail, which I had rinsed outside with rain water.

This morning the hall carpet was sodden, and we realised it HAD to be the radiator. To add insult to injury, water was coming in through the roof into the crawlspace in the spare room, thanks to hours of rain.

A phone call to the roofer who had given the seller's solicitor an estimate back in July revealed that he was booked up until October.

Fortunately, a phone call to the plumber who fixed our boiler last week brought him by 3 PM, so that's the damp carpet sorted. So far we have the red plastic basin under the leak in the roof.

I am adding "Home Repairs" as an item in the monthly household accounts. Home repairs counts as an investment, not as consumer spending---or so goes my soothing mantra.

Composting tip. B.A. looked it up: coconut oil can summon rats. No coconut oil is going in the compost heap.

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