Friday 17 August 2018

Root by Root

Today I buried more vegetable scraps and dug a few more weeds out of our lawn. My plan is to root out a few dandelions every day, and thus one day they will all be gone. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say.

I also called a tax accountant. Tax forms terrify me more any part of ordinary modern life. Lucky me: I now have to pay taxes in TWO countries. The fact that I actually got around to calling the accountant is something to be proud of, but actually I burst into tears afterwards, thinking about the lack of any acknowledgement from Canada that I sent them THEIR tax forms in April. 

This reminds me that my biggest enemy in life has always been procrastination. And thus I try to create unbreakable daily habits to save me from the horrors of the inevitable consequences of inaction. 

A friend once told me she was in church one day and heard a voice tell her that if she continued to live the way she was living, she would go to hell. That frightened her very much. 

My biggest earthly fear is that I will become dependent on the state. I once worked in a government office that dealt with people dependent on the state, and although people from multi-generational welfare families didn't mind battling with us, or--if streetpeople--passing the time of day with people who spoke pleasantly to them,  the formerly independent suffered agonies of humiliation.  

My biggest earthly fears for the future are 1. that free, independent peoples will find themselves enslaved by ideological tyrants with no respect for national customs, nature, or common sense; and 2. that future generations will be poisoned by the results of our consumerism. 

I am not actually worried anymore about the implosion of the Roman Catholic Church because, to get political for a moment although I said I wouldn't, the sooner we find out all the bad stuff AND SCRUB IT OUT, the sooner we can rebuild. I'm hoping and praying, not for Vatican III, of course, but for Trent II. 

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