Thursday 30 August 2018

Favourite Apple Crisp/Crumble

After some wistful petitions from the spear side of the household, I bought flour, sugar, and unsalted butter along with the carrots I would make into soup. The flour, sugar and butter were for apple crisp (or crumble, as we say in the UK), of which B.A. is fond.

We have had heated debates concerning crumble topping. My mother puts oatmeal in hers, so naturally I put oatmeal in mine. But B.A. thinks it is better just to use flour. Hitherto, I have not agreed, but yesterday I could not find the oatmeal, so for once the crumble was oats-free.

B.A. was delighted with the result, saying it was the best apple crumble ever. I think it was a little too sweet; it is definitely too sweet for Poles*

St. Benedict Over the Apple Tree Crumble

1. Send your husband (if applicable) to the apple tree for a pound of ripe apples.

2. Peel, core and slice apples. (B.A. had to peel, as my hands hurt too much from typing.)

3. Put sliced apples on the bottom of a ceramic baking dish, pour in 3 Tbsp water, put some (you decide how much) granulated sugar on them and stir gently.

4. Shake some cinnamon on the apples.

5. In a bowl or spare pot, cut about half a cup of butter into 6 oz of flour and about 4 oz of granulated sugar. The idea is to cut the butter into the size of small croutons.

6. Spread flour-butter-sugar over apples. It will be more crumbly than doughy.

7. Stick dish in pre-heated hot oven (about 350 degrees--our oven's numbers have worn off, so we're not completely sure).

8. Bake for 40 minutes.

9. Serve hot (first day) or room-temperature (second day) with vanilla ice-cream.

Serves 4 once or a loving couple twice.

*If you are new to my blogs, you may wonder what Poles have to do with apple crumble. In time, however, you will discover that Poles, Polish and Poland feature in our lives in various ways, thanks to a serendipitous conflation of events in 2010.

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