Friday 16 July 2021

The Motu Proprio

Yes, I'm devastated. More on this later. I have to work, and today that means eating, drinking and breathing reactions to the Motu Proprio. 


  1. I dislike bullies and so I dislike him very much. It is too much, is there no man amongst them who will stand up and lance the boil. Is this schism he wants? How can a pope want that? I don't know. Please delete this if it causes you difficulties, I know you like to keep work and this blog apart and you know I'm sure after all the years I have commented that my heart is in the right place and don't want to cause trouble for you. You are blessed to have a husband to thrash this out with, blessed.


  2. Heartbreaking for millions of people. I wish I could say what I think, but I know I mustn't.

  3. It is definitely a good idea to wait a day.