Friday 30 July 2021

How to make your home larger for free

Currently when I am pedalling away on stationary bike, I watch videos about Tiny Houses. After every workout, I notice that my kitchen (where the bike lives) is much bigger than I thought. Then I go into the sitting-room and notice that it is bigger than I thought, too. Kitchen plus living room have a larger floor space than most Tiny Homes I've seen. And there's more! Across the hall, there's an enormous front bedroom, which is our dining-room/office/guest room, and a back bedroom with a closet bigger than any closet I've ever seen in a Tiny House. And tucked away by the front door, a wall apart from the kitchen, is a bathroom with an actual bath and a big cupboard for towels, sheets and demijohns of fermenting apple cider. 

Thus, after ever workout, I feel incredibly rich and simply luxuriate in all the space. I also think that if we wanted to, we could sell our flat and most of our possessions, build a Tiny House somewhere, and bank 90% of our profit. 

Therefore, if you are feeling sad and cramped about your modest house or flat, do have a look on YouTube at how the Tiny House class live. They're so cheery about it, too. 

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