Saturday 24 April 2021

The Internet Fast

At noon, I am putting down tools for a multi-day break from the computer. I do not believe I will have  gone so long without the internet since 2006, so this has all the seriousness of an experiment. However, it is intended as a form of rest--a deep rest. I need it very much, especially now that "overuse syndrome" has returned to my poor right arm.  It will be interesting to see if I feel withdrawal symptoms.  

Meanwhile, I am not going to watch the news or anything but the most soothing of entertainments. In fact, I wish to return, for that period, to a state of innocence in which I am not conscious of any evil in the world. Let's see if I manage it.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from a walk Benedict Ambrose and I took yesterday. Speaking a state of innocence, we found a paradise not too far away. I was just thinking that it was close to my childhood idea of what Scotland must look like when, from somewhere nearby, we heard the whinnying of a horse. Definitely idyllic. 

Along  the route home.


  1. Every few months I come to your blog and catch up. I've read every blog since Seraphic. You write such important and compelling things... Nothing is trivial in my opinion, not even the lighter topics like curly girl method and financial independence. I find you to be truly wise and thoughtful and I hope to be as full of ideas and interests as you when I have more time to write. I have thoughts and ideas but unlike you I don't share them with the wider world. Be truly blessed and refreshed this year, Auntie! I thoroughly appreciate you.

  2. Thank you! You made my day.