Tuesday 13 April 2021

The Hours in a Day

I have full schedule of things I would like to do every morning, but I discovered that if I do them all, I am exhausted by noon, which is when I begin actual work. Some mornings it's blog or read Polish, and most mornings it's Polish or Italian as you can see here:   

I attempted to explain to my therapist how important becoming trilingual is to me but seem to fail. I described conversing (reasonably) fluently in another language like moving into another world, into breaking through to another dimension, and like flying. I don't actually know what flying is like, mind you, so it would be more authentic to say it is like sledding down a snowy hill, hoping to make it to the bottom and not hit the fence at the end. 

The work at becoming a polyglot can be very gruelling, though, because I am simply not a language-absorber like the more linguistically-talented members of my family. So if I don't become very fluent--

"... It doesn't matter," said my (bilingual) therapist comfortably. 

Okay, one the one hand, yes. But on the other strony, nie.

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