Saturday 27 July 2019

How I Worked Against Stress This Week

Yesterday I skimmed a lawyer's cease-and-desist letter, said "Not my problem", sent it to my editors and went sailing out to exercise class. This is probably not what the author thought would happen. However, I had had a glorious week fighting the good fight against stress. Here's what I did:

1. I cut back to one cup of coffee a day.
2. I got up between 5:30 AM and 6 AM every day.
3. I went to 10 exercise classes (12 including the classes I went to after opening the lawyer's email).
4. I began reading L'Art de la Liste by Dominique Loreau.
5. I wrote a lot of lists, and they were very cathartic, just like the book promised.
6. I finished transferring my savings to my dad (a three day process) to wire to me here in the UK, so that I can (A) put down an annual overpayment on the mortgage and (B) pay my accountant his surprise fee.
7. I said the Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament three days in a row.
8. I spent a few hours in the garden, weeding, mowing and chopping.
9. I had my blonde eyebrows weeded, mowed, chopped and dyed approximately the same colour as my hair.
10. I stayed off the internet before work, except to check emails. (A class was cancelled, and I didn't know because I hadn't checked my email.)
11. I began reading a book about puppy training. Thinking about puppies is tremendously relaxing.
12. I went with B.A. to the local famous ice-cream shop for ice-cream cones one evening.
13. I kept an eye on sugar--which means that I stuck to fruit and the occasional serving of ice-cream.
14. I enjoyed the very-rare-in-Scotland warm and sunny weather as much as I could.

This is not to say I had a stress-free week. I freaked out when I discovered I had to pay some taxes AT ONCE and also when I got a confusing and insulting surprise letter from my accountant's firm. ("We have been more than patient...") Anything combining paperwork and money sends me back to the depths of math class/piano practice hell, so that was very unpleasant. However, in general I had a very emotionally healthy week.

It helps that my spin class instructors launch into motivational speeches about how wonderful we are, how this time is for us, how there is no judgement in this room, how our strength begins in our minds, not our bodies, etc. "You are worthy," they yell. "You are enough!"


  1. I have to ask, what kind of exercise are you doing twice a day and is it one following the other? I think I'd be chewing my own arm off in hunger, how are you managing? Sinéad.

  2. There's a bunch. Today was spinning, and tomorrow is barre, aka "leg day." Actually, I don't get properly hungry for a long time. I drink lots of water. Sadly, I still get the munchies while working. I had a big lunch to try to cut off the munchies at the pass---but no. I'm going to have to buy a lot of celery and eat that.

  3. Fair play to you for your dedication. I'm starting Slimming World this week so these things are on my mind. I don't get hungry until around 2pm then suddenly I could eat a horse. I could certainly do with better sleep, I'm exhausted. Do you find later exercise aids or messes up sleep.


  4. Why not try celery with cheese? Fats satiate better than veggies alone and don't trigger insulin release. Insulin as I'm sure you know can get hunger pangs going.