Saturday 6 April 2019

Methods for Healing Sorrow 5 and 6

Homeschooling! Yay! I'm a biweekly writing skills teacher now. It's great fun, and my pupils are smart.

They live in the countryside, and today the bus didn't stop at the right stop. This was a little disconcerting, especially as I wasn't entirely sure where we were when I noticed--and neither was the driver. However, as I was walking in the rain back to where I thought my stop was, I saw the following sign:


Okay, the Antonine Wall was very long, so that wasn't much of a landmark. However, I'm a big Rosemary Sutcliffe fan, so that sign boosted my spirits.

I soon ceased to be lost, had a delicious lunch and taught the kids.

Benedict Option, y'all!
From a Roman-British point of view, we're very north.

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