Tuesday 2 April 2019

How to Dress Like a Lady

I have been amusing myself by Googling that phrase. So far this is my favourite find. I am not sure of Mr Wong's motives, but he certainly has a beautiful collection of photographs.

In my dreams, I wear such a chic and feminine outfit when I leave the house, bound for Italian class perhaps, having lost 20 pounds and having grown five inches taller. In these dreams, I have not been advised by my podiatrist to give up high heels, and I enjoy going to the hairdresser.

That said, today I am wearing a re-introduced Laura Ashley toile print blouse, and I went to Italian class this morning. On the way I stopped at a good French bakery for a cappuccino and a croissant, so you see that my life is not devoid of romance.

To be honest, though, I did wonder if it is ladylike to eat croissants in public, and if it is odd to conceal one's cappuccino from the bus driver by popping it in one's coat pocket.

Thinking more about the Notre Dame Leggings Controversy, I wonder what would make Domer girls cover their butts. The pleading of a Catholic mother of sons only caused the Notre Dame ab*rtion club to launch a rump-waggling protest. Sad to say, I think it would take a raft of fashion magazines putting leggings on their "Don't" lists while appealing to class-snobbery to end the sad fad. However, they may very well do it, as surely it is in their interests for women to wear three items of clothing--T-shirt + leggings + skirt--instead of merely two.

I never thought I would see the day when something worse than the black tights with blue denim shorts combo would hit the streets of Edinburgh, but here we are. And as I always say, it's such a waste, for British department stores carry beautiful, feminine clothing.

Update: Oh! Look at this charming girl. I'm going to ignore that one of her style icons is a burlesque dancer because she doesn't dress like one.

Update 2: Oops. Holly got into trouble with the Politburo, too, and was wrongly accused of suggesting girls who wear other sorts of clothes are "asking" to be sexually attacked. Dear heavens, why do people exaggerate so much? While reading about the Notre Dame Mom (and me), I came across a suggestion that she wants to put Catholic women in burkhas. Say what?


  1. Hi Auntie! I liked your article on LSN...I thought you might enjoy this http://likemotherlikedaughter.org/2019/04/ask-auntie-leila-leggings-yay-or-nay/

  2. Ha ha! Yes, heavy on the sarcasm. The irony of the Notre Dame story is that if Vogue and Hollywood produced stories and films saying that only so-called "trailer trash" (i.e. impoverished and socially excluded people loved by God) wear leggings-and-tiny-Tees, the Notre Dame girls would stop wearing them.

  3. I feel sorry for Holly, having only discovered her existence through this post. The idea that anyone who has an enthusiasm for vintage or more demure clothing implies that other women deserve or invite sexual assault is nonsense. I have almost never made a comment about what a girl wears, but this is ridiculous (one time I did was agreeing with an ex-girlfriend that a particular dress she'd worn while we were dating was not appropriate for Mass. I was accosted by another woman who overheard our conversation that a woman should be able to show up to Mass naked, if she liked, and if I had a problem with that, it was all on me). I have no idea from where this antinomianism springs.