Friday 28 September 2018

Ten Years On

Ten years ago today I first woke up in the Historical House. Despite the rigours of my flight from Toronto and my bus ride from London, I was as happy as a lark. Then I whacked my head on the sloping ceiling. But I was still very happy.

I did not know then that the nice fellow in the loud tweed jacket who had met me at the bus station the night before, taken me to a pub for a pie and ale and then hospitably whisked me off in a taxi cab to Pemberley a Georgian manor would become my husband. 

But lo. 

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of Benedict Ambrose's reception into the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, so we are having a little party of our co-religionists--trads to a man. It is also St. Michael's Day, so in honour of the great archangel I shall be preparing a great feast. And a priest is coming, so we'll have St. Benedict Over the Apple Tree blessed, too. 

In terms of traditional Michaelmas foods, I am adapting rather than sticking to the ancient ways. First, it isn't easy to get a Michaelmas goose anymore, the goose breeders now primarily interested in the Christmas market. Second, geese cost an awful lot. Then the Michaelmas bannock, which is a kind of large scone wrapped in pancakes, does not sound that appetising. 

Therefore, I am more-or-less making Thanksgiving dinner, only with more attention to apples. 

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