Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Gardening and Calm

I read the Chicago news* today, oh boy, and I mentally threw away the ugly images and thought about my garden.

It's a lovely sunny day. Today I will mow the minute lawn and cut down the grass and weeds running along the south fence.

Gardening is clean and pure. It burns calories and gets human beings outside where we actually belong in daylight.

Hanging out the laundry is also clean and pure, burns calories and gets human beings outside where we belong. Whenever I do it, I see my mother as she was in her early thirties, biceps bulging from carrying laundry, shopping, and children around, pinning the laundry to a wire laundry line that travelled along pulleys.

There is something about our Scottish back garden that reminds me so strongly of my Toronto childhood back yard; I'm not really sure what it is yet. But it is very good.

*More Church scandals, so don't look unless you have a strong faith and a strong stomach.

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