Friday 1 April 2022

Home Economics: March Report

Hello! Here I am again after a busy three weeks. Not incapacitated--just stricken by repetitive stress injuries. I did write some posts for work you might enjoy, namely the one about the family miracle, the one about being watched watching by your phone, the one about "the earth of Heaven," and the one about the Holy Name saucepan. The devotional ones are better than the phone piece. 

Meanwhile, it is Lent, which means we have reined in our lust for sugar and booze. This means savings that will be passed on to our favourite charities, which hurts worse than fasting, if you're penny-pinching me. However, as the Polish bishop said, the three duties of Lent are prayer, almsgiving, and fasting. 

March 2022: Groceries: £277.72; RBCT (Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Takeaway) £115.24. Total: £392.96.

Obviously this is an improvement on February and January, although not on March 2021, when we did a better job keeping out of pubs, etc., possibly because of COVID restrictions. 


February 2022: Groceries: £307.15; RBCT: £166.80. Total:  £473.95.

January 2022: Groceries: £313.05; RBCT:  £267.00. Total: £580.05. 

March 2021: Groceries: £308.75; RBCT: £25.30. Total: £334.05.

Now I shall dive into our RBCT spend, so as to enjoy in memory our Shrove Tuesday meat feast, the stress-reducing emergency croissant, and the companionable beer. 

1.  Shrove Tuesday meat feast at Nepalese restaurant.

2.  Coffee and avocado toast at favourite cafe (D).

3.  Coffee and tea with pupil at favourite cafe (D).

4. Sesame prawn toasties after 17th century music concert.

5. Pasty from Gregg's (B.A.)

6. Emergency cappuccino and croissant (D).

7. Beer at Edinburgh pub while waiting to go to a dinner party.

8. Coffee at the National Library (B.A.)

9. Coffee, avo toast @fav cafe (D) + companionable beers at Cafe Royale.

10. Soup in the cathedral cafe (B.A.). 

And now my budget planner for the British tax year 2021-2022 is entirely used up, and I can put it away. I have already begun April 2022 in my new budget planner, which you saw above. Keeping the budget planner is one of the best ways of being rooted in reality I can think of. Once upon a time, I didn't even look at the bank balance but just gaily demanded cash from machines and trusted in the overdraft.  

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