Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Home Economics: January Report

February at last, and I enjoyed myself this morning tallying up the month's earnings and expenses. It was enjoyable because we saved a sum towards retirement/mortgage overpayment/holidays instead of going in the red. And whereas we went over my (optimistic) budget, it was only by £140.37.

Some of that over-spending was on food, as we will see. For January I budgeted £300 for groceries, for that is how we roll, and £250 for eating out, £175 of that earmarked for my super-fantabulous Michelin-starred birthday lunch. In reality, we spent 

Groceries: £313.05; RBCT (Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Takeaway): £267.00. Total: £580.05. 

To compare this with last month:

December 2021: Groceries: £319.10; RBCT: £214.80. Total: £533.90

I'm a bit impressed, especially as $5 of January 30's grocery bill went towards yellow roses for Benedict Ambrose, who had fallen down some stairs. Because of that it seemed mean to fuss about coupons and kindly to get roses and Sunday supper from Waitrose as a treat. 

I don't mind paying for delicious food, as long as it is intentional and not just mindless profligacy. We were not even out of 'The Kitchin' before I began to look at the reservations available at 'Martin Wishart'. However, B.A. vetoed another Michelin meal so soon, so I will hold off until our wedding anniversary. 

Meanwhile, as at least half the reason to spend money on eating out is for the memories, here is what we did with our £264: Sunday coffee and sandwiches on Rose Street after Mass; Sunday coffee and sandwich/pastry at La Barantine in Stockbridge after Mass; cappuccino while waiting for a train after physio; Chinese takeaway supper after a long Saturday walk near the Borders; coffee and tea while homeschooling in my favourite cafe; my glorious birthday lunch; rounds of drinks in two Edinburgh pubs. 

Tomorrow we will have a look at my New Year's Resolutions and ponder how I might do better in future. 

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