Thursday 9 September 2021

Eggs and soup

Two changes. 

1. I'm now working from 9 to 5, so my weekday mornings dedicated to exercise, languages and the outdoors are no more. So far I have been too tired after my 5 PM walk to do much. However, this may because of #2.

2. It's the eggs, soup and supper diet! I'm back on ye olde Blood Sugar diet for, lo, my heavy tweed skirt is a bit snug, and in time-honoured fashion (i.e. my mother does this) I have decided to slim down a bit to make it fit. 

I think it's making me a tad light-headed. On the way to Tesco this evening, I was suddenly gripped by a yen for little stickers, and found some for £1 in the Children's Stationary section. The stickers are for my daily companion, the accounts book. They say such things as "Wow!" and "Good work!" and "Good girl!" which I find very cheering.  

They were Made in Taiwan, which is good politically if not environmentally. But there were plastic (boo) baskets Made in Britain (yay!) on offer, and I got one to hold my exercise kit. (Long boring story.) 

This morning I did squeeze in an online Polish-English language exchange before work, but right now I am feeling much too tired and lazy to read my Intermediate Polish Tutor book.

And those are my thoughts for the day--apart from a cursory observation that Meditations on the Tarot is a perpetual source of controversy amongst Catholics I know. 

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