Tuesday 10 August 2021


On Sunday evening, I sat down and bought a joint membership in Una Voce Scotland. Una Voce is an international organisation--comprised mostly of laypeople--for the support and advancement of the Traditional Latin Mass. I put off joining for years and years, in part because an elderly member of our community advised me not to do so, in part because the meetings always seem to be in Glasgow, and in part because I worried that I would at once be asked to become Secretary and have to take minutes. Ick.  

However, I have been radicalised by Traditionis Custodes, so I joined the west coast-dominated UVS, and presumably if I live to be old and retired I will make the organisation my life and become a real trad battle-ax, feared by bishops from Galloway to Aberdeen.

Of course, the iron first entered my soul in October 2014 when I read the mid-term relatio (report) of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family and realised that something very, very wrong was going on in the Holy See. Thus, in a certain sense I've been radicalised for almost 7 years. It was as if, when he clapped a meaty Slovenian hand down hard on my shoulder during my Confirmation--a not-bad substitute for the ancient slap--then-Bishop Ambrozic had passed on the trigger word that would turn me into a doughty fighter against the anti-JP2, anti-Ratzinger forces currently running amok. 

Speaking of growing old, my father had a shock 18 years ago or so when I mentioned I had spoken to a Jesuit professor in the university weight room. My poor dad reflected that such a thing would have been unheard of when he was young, and perhaps he belonged back in the 1950s, etc. Well, I had a shock yesterday, and it was this short video, filmed in the White House apparently to encourage more young people to accept COVID-19 jabs. I felt sad, and that such a thing would have been unheard of when I was young, and maybe I belong back in the 1990s, etc. 

However, I don't live in the USA, and I don't know young people like that, and I work from home, so I am free to live--and fight for--a life of indefatigable traddery. By the way, not only did I sign Benedict Ambrose and I to sign up with Una Voce Scotland, I encouraged another Trad to do so, too. 

But I do think that the most important thing to do is to remain cheerful, hopeful and friendly; to dress distinctively (mantilla, Padre Pio-approved skirts) but not eccentrically; to continue learning about the Traditional Latin Mass and perennial Catholic doctrine; to continue supporting traditional Catholic parents and their children; to live apart from the world, but not become a total weirdo; to pray, fast, and give alms, but also live as the laity should. 

If you love the Traditional Latin Mass and are similarly galvanised by the recent motu proprio, I strongly encourage you to join your national branch of the International Una Voce Federation.  

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