Tuesday 6 October 2020

A Sort of Rome Schedule

7:30 AM:  Wake up and see that I am too late for the morning TLM.

7:50 AM:  Make coffee in French press brought from home because I prefer London coffee to Italian.

8:00 AM:  Read Italian or study Italian vocabulary.

9:00 AM: Go for walk in beautiful Rome. 

10:00 AM: Start work. 

2:00 PM: Eat lunch. Go for another walk in beautiful Rome.

3:00 PM: Back to work.

6:00 PM: Go to Mass. 

7:00ish PM: Think about going for walk but go home to write some more.

8:00ish PM: Eat dinner.

9:00ish PM: Go for third walk in beautiful Rome. It might or might not involve gelato. 

10:00 PM: Completely exhausted and do not know why,

10:30 PM: Go to bed. 

I have a very clear memory of myself in 1998 thinking that the best thing ever would be to be a writer in Rome. Well, this month I am a writer in Rome, and I don't think I considered how much writing writing can involve. Still, the walks are lovely, and this morning's was highly amusing as a truck driver, perhaps mistaking my braids as evidence of youth, tried to convince me to remove my face mask.  

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