Saturday 16 May 2020

Power and Authority Preview

Update: Sorry! I have had rather too much wine with supper (fish & chips for the first time in months) to write up a post about Temporal Authority, so we'll have to discuss it tomorrow.


Lawks! Chapter 5 of Integralism, "Temporal authority (I): its origin", is rough going for your poor correspondent, not because of the writing, which remains elegant and clear, but because of her deficiencies.

I was halfway through the section "Division of Temporal Authority" when I realised that I would not be able to write about the chapter in anything approaching a comprehensive way before B.A. and I have our sanity-sustaining Saturday adventure. So I have set down the book at page 95, and if you are interested in what I make of it all, come back later today.

In gardening news, the first shoots of kale and rainbow chard have appeared in the veg trug, and the primate of the courgettes has reached such a height, I may have to pot it again. But this will mean leaving it out of doors in the biggest of the pots,  an act of faith in the Scottish weather.

In lockdown news, I spent almost the entire day indoors with books and the computer. However, I have begun to take cod liver oil tablets with my Berocca, so hopefully I am absorbing sufficient quantities of Vitamin D against the Dread Germ.

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