Wednesday 1 January 2020

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year to all remaining readers! This year I will make time to write for fun as well as for work. If you plant the same crop in the same field over and over again, the soil loses nutrients. Not to get all Pachamama here, but I hope to plant some metaphorical beans and corn among the squash.

The food metaphor is apt, for my second resolution is to eat more vegetables and fewer processed foods. Ever since Boxing Day I have been declaring my intention to eat only "plants and protein" before hoovering another A) Christmas cookie B) croissant aux amandes C) homemade doughnut D) all the above.

My third resolution is to eat out (or take out) only once a week. The McLeans have grown lazy about cooking, and this has had a deleterious effect on both the McLean bank account and the McLean waistlines. This resolution does not necessarily apply to holidays, I hasten to add, although perhaps I can convince the cooking show fan with whom I live that we should emulate his heroes by going to markets and recreating local dishes.

Related to this resolution is the fourth, which is to spend nothing on new clothes, books, and other non-essentials for myself. Call it Buy Nothing Year. I shall be testing the theory that happiness lies not in buying things but experiences, and I want to be sure of the experience of paying off an extra 10% of the mortgage this year.

Have you any New Year's Resolutions you want to share?

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